Project References

International Project Management - Site Management on hard rock process in Bad Bleiberg/Austria 2008/2009.

Site Management for glas sorting in Johannesburg/South Africa 2009/2010.

Claim Management in a blast furnace plant, Korea 2010.

Project Management, Site Management on hard rock process in Kosovo und Serbia 2010.

Site Management on a hard rock process in Saalfelden/Austria 2010/2011.

Project Management, Engineering, Site Management for a Compounder-Pilot process Tuscany/ Italia 2011/ 2012.

Project Management, Process Engineering, Site Management of a wet process plant in Paper Industry
Archangelsk/ Russia, 2013/2014/2015.

Coordination Management on a glas recycling process Hannover/ Germany 2014.

Project Management and Site Supervision for Granulation plant in Rumania, Czech Republic and UK.

Site-, Claim Management for Granulation process in France 2016

Project Management, Engineering and Site Management/ Supervision of liquid pigments for Paper Industry Pakistan/Lahore. 2017– 2018.

Project Management and Site Supervision of a fertilizer plant in Australia/ New Zealand 2019/2020

Claim Management on a Granulation Plant in Egypt 2020.

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